When watching Black Mirror, follow Fred’s lead….use tech “with” rather than “instead of”…


“Computers can be useful machines, especially when they help people communicate in caring ways with each other…” -Fred Rogers, 1996. Venturing into the world of Black Mirror has been a fascinating experience. Each episode describes a futuristic, imagined universe in which technology and media have become society’s oppressors. While the show, through worst-case scenarios, makes […]

March 9, 2018

Can early education online learning be situated?


Can early education online learning be situated? Collaboration, exploration, and authentic learning settings This week, I had the opportunity to attend a training to test new early learning curricula. The focus of this curricula is for families and children to use scientific inquiry practices to extend the concepts discovered in an online game or app. […]

February 24, 2018

Active Learning Happens Everywhere


On October 2017, a mother who attended our STEM parent workshop expressed to me that since attending the program, where she learned how to use technology and digital content, like STEM-based games and online activities, she noticed a vast improvement in her son’s learning. She was astounded at how digital and technology helped her son […]

February 5, 2018