Parent Engagement Bibliography

Doctoral Musings

As researchers dive more in-depth into a topic to study, an annotated bibliography comes handy. The following Parent Engagement studies are in Bibliography format, describing ten research studies (including mix, qualitative, & quantitative). Balli, S. J., Demo, D. H., & Wedman, J. F. (1998). Family Involvement with Children’s Homework: An Intervention in the Middle Grades. Family […]

June 10, 2018

Life as a Doctoral Student

Doctoral Musings

In honor of #NationalHigherEducation day, PBS SoCal featured two classmates and I on a blog post, discussing our first-year experiences as EdD students at Pepperdine University. We reflected on what the Doctor of Organizational Leadership and Doctor of Education in Learning Technologies means for the three of us. Read more here —> On #NationalHigherEdDay first year EdD […]

June 9, 2018

Methodological Fit Reflection

Doctoral Musings

While I’d like to say that I feel confident in understanding research methodologies in-depth, I am still processing which methods best fit the type of work I’d like to research for my dissertation. Although I haven’t selected a specific phenomenon to research, I like to explore STEM family engagement in Latino Families. Central to the […]

May 31, 2018

When watching Black Mirror, follow Fred’s lead….use tech “with” rather than “instead of”…


“Computers can be useful machines, especially when they help people communicate in caring ways with each other…” -Fred Rogers, 1996. Venturing into the world of Black Mirror has been a fascinating experience. Each episode describes a futuristic, imagined universe in which technology and media have become society’s oppressors. While the show, through worst-case scenarios, makes […]

March 9, 2018